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Monday, November 11, 2019

Welcome to the New APL RRS.

Orders received through June 2013 are at http://results2.aquaprotechlabs.com
Your Login is an E-Mail Address and should be the same on both sites.
Please contact APL if you have any questions or issues.

Results Retrieval System

APL provides its clients with real-time access to results for all of their environmental testing. Our online Result Retrieval System is fast, accurate, and secure!

Enter your APL RRS™ username and password and click 'Login' to review your Order Results. If you do not have an APL RRS™ account please contact your customer service representative at

The data on this website is preliminary. It is made available at the earliest possible time in order to better serve our clients. Final deliverable results will be available for download once they are complete.

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